Why Plan Ahead?

Many people today are giving consideration to funeral arrangements before a death occurs. Such pre-planning and forethought means that people are more able to consider the options available and to make wise decisions without being under the added stress of a newly experienced loss.

Thompson’s Funeral Services Fixed Price Funeral Plan is simply a way of arranging and paying for the funeral in advance and at todays prices. So, that means no more to pay when something happens.

Help take the burden off your loved ones by making your final decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.

Most people realise the need for retirement planning, it is seen as a realistic and sensible priority for later life, to ensure security and peace of mind. Part of this planning we feel, should include provision for some kind of advance funeral planning.

How The Plan Works

Quite simply, people can sit down with one of our funeral arrangers and discuss the kind of funeral arrangements they think would be appropriate, whether for themselved or a member of the family. All individual requirements are noted and the total cost of the funeral ia calculated at current rates. It si then paid for and can never increase.
Once it’s paid, thats it

What Happens When A Death Occurs

When the next of kin notify us of a death, we refer to our records for the details of the funeral plan. We guarantee to provide the type of funeral requested, at the price already paid. No further charges are made and the funeral is carried out in the normal way.

Any person, regardless of age or state of health can take advantage of the plan at any time.
No declarations are necessary and the is no age limit, However, many years may lapse before the funeral is required.
We will honour the arrangements at the price already paid.

Who Will Meet Your Funeral Expenses

Few, if any of us, accept the inevitability of death and it’s subsequent expenses. However, someone at some furure date will be responsible for making your funeral arrangements, and, paying for them.

One way of handling this responsibility is to shift the burden from your family. Funeral arrangements can be part of a seemingly endless number of things that would have to be done at the time of death.

For example, someone will need to notify the doctor, coroner, funeral director, cemetery,/ crematorium, clergy relatives and friends, insurance companies, unions and fraetrnal organisations, newspapers and an organist if required.

Then, they will have to pay and select the time and place of funeral, the time and place for visitation, the cemetery plot, the funeral service, casket, music, flowers, thank you announcements, pallbearers, etc the list goes on.

Plus, vital statistics about the deceased need to be provided, along with addresses of all the people who need to be notified.

These decisions will need to be made by some one close to you. Perhaps alone and unprepared, with other things on their mind at most likely the worst time of their lives. Thompson’s Funeral Services believe we can greatly assist in overcoming these problems with our Fixed Price Funeral Plan.